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Equipment: Swimming Pool Heat Pump
Equipment Type: Pumps And Valves -> Others
Unit Type: PASRW015-U-130S-U
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Main Features: 1) Long operating life: Using the advanced stainless steel/titanium metal water heat exchanger, which resists the erosion from chlorine in the water, s a longer lifespan 2) Economical and high-efficiency: Using heat pump technology, compared with other ordinary hot water equipment (for example, combustion oil boilers, combustion gas boilers, electronic boilers and so on), it reduces operating costs by 65-80%. In addition it s very little pollution 3) Bright design, easy installation and ment: Unit design separately for main model and water unit model, with water unit inside, avoiding freezing in the winter. The unit is remarkably compact, with pump and flow switch inside 4) Advanced controlling: Extremely easy to control. The swimming pool heat pump unit is in the room, because of the mini-computer intelligent controlling and LCD display controller 5) Safety: Water and electricity are insulated, no open fire, no creepage 6) Quiet: Using the high-efficiency, low sound rotary or scroll compressor, low noise fan, high quality pump quiet machine 7) High technology heat exchangers: Due to brand and heat exchanger, it runs more efficiently 8) Safety: Protected from running in bad running circumstances, such as water temperature, compressor exhaust pressure, compressor temperature, evaporator temperature and so on.
Description: Includes Monobloc and Split type. High quality galvanized metal coat, corrosion resistance for a longer life, Titanium exchanger, strong resistibility of erosion, high efficiency, safety, easy installation, and a heating capacity from 30, 000 - 200, 000BTU/h.
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